30 days of biking – days 12-20 and cyclist thoughts.

Oh wow, I’ve really not been keeping up with this of recent.. Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve had a couple of weeks of short and uneventful rides, yesterday was the first ride into double figures, a very sad state of affairs! 

I’m still riding everyday but due to working 14 days of early shifts (up at 4:30am) I’ve been a bit tired and generally not feeling it. Hopefully I’ll have some more interesting updates shortly, I have next week off with nothing to do but cycle so planning at least a couple of bigger road rides on my cx bike. 

I managed to snap this photo the other morning on my way to work just as the sun was starting to come up. 

My cycling musing

Quite enjoying the road riding at the present which brings me on to a separate musing.. Often we hear of ‘roadies’, ‘mountain bikers’, ‘commuters’ and so on.. I can’t comprehend why there is such animosity between the different types of cycling.

I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of a technical mountain bike trail, I also enjoy a gentle pedal along a smooth off road path. But I also enjoy riding quiet country lanes and the thrill of a fast road descent, the sense of accomplishment completing a tough climb regardless of on or off road. Regardless of what I am riding or where I always try and be friendly and always try and exchange greetings/gestures with other cyclists (the polite gestures!), sometimes I get a hello, a nod, a simple lift of the hand in acknowledgment.. It all counts. Yet if you read half of the posts/comments on various forms of social media/web forums if you don’t ride a certain type of bike then you’re not worth acknowledging because you’re a *enter poorly chosen nickname* or ‘they’ don’t acknowledge as they’re a blah, blah, blah. 

Maybe that rider was having a bad day, pedalling their issues away, maybe they were putting all their effort into keeping themselves in a certain rhythm/speed, or maybe just heading to or from work. Is there any need to take to the Internet to voice how this one persons lack of interaction has changed your image of cycling/cyclists of a particular type of bike? If you’re biggest issue in a day is one person who you’ve no real relevance to (apart from a shared interest in bikes/cycling) hasn’t smiled/waved/spoken then you must be doing pretty well or are oblivious to the bigger picture. 

We, cyclists, a collective should be standing together as a group to protect the space and areas where we can enjoy our sport/pastime. In a time where we get told that everyone should be more active would it be so hard to give a little encouragement, maybe raise a smile? 

That’s enough of my whittering on, feel free to leave a comment if you’ve had a similar instance/thoughts on this. 

Signing off, a cyclist.


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