30 days of cycling – the final 5 (days 26-30)

Well I’ve made it, I managed 30 days in a row of riding my bike, been pretty easy and there been some very steady rides and very short ones, but they’re all riding bikes so I’m not going to dwell on that point too much.

Day 26 – was a steady 20 miles evening ride, managed to set a few PRs and just enjoyed the peace of a quiet evening ride. 

Day 27 – with my wife away I have had this week off of work in order to be home for school runs, making sure foods prepared, house not burnt down etc, so it’d be rude not to make the most of the daylight hours during the day while the children were at school. So Monday and I manage 49 miles, legs feeling pretty good. I made a bit of a wrong turn and ended up down a really deep squidgy mud drove, bit too much for my cross bike to cope with so headed back for the roads. Thoroughly enjoyable though. Was thankful for the Skratch labs in my water bottles, keeping me topped up with electrolytes and a little bit of sugar too just to help. 

Couple of snaps I took on my way round

Day 28 – decided on a slow hilly ride today, I wanted to complete the Strava climbing challenge for June and this would enable me to do it!  So a 35 mile loop along some peaceful lanes with great views! 

The route took me via the Cerne giant, he’s engraved into the hillside and is 60metres tall, 51 metres wide… I don’t know how big his man parts are but they’re clearly visible 😂

There’s many rumours on who/why he has been put there

From here I headed across the main A37 across onto a cycle route heading back to Yeovil. I was really lucky with the weather and just enjoyed the gentle touring pace. 

Day 29 – this was going to be my gran Fondo route day but my legs really weren’t with me after Monday and Tuesday’s ride, added to the fact it was really windy I stuck to a simple 28ish mile route. 

Day 30 – was a real pitiful effort, only 3 miles.. I cycled to my daughters school sports day and once finished I was intending to go for a bit of a ride, however my daughter was really emotional when it was time for me to leave the school (she is only 5), so rather than being out in the saddle without contact I headed home in case I got the call that she wouldn’t settle down… Low and behold she was fine but I felt it was better safe than sorry.

Well that brings these 30 days to an end… What comes next?! Well I’m not really sure yet, I think I’d like to do more road riding… Not to say I don’t still love my mountain bike but locally the mtb riding is extremely limited due to terrain, how well the trails dry out. Yet road wise I have the option of some reasonably flat Somerset levels routes or heading for the Dorset hills down towards the coast. Time will tell though and no doubt I will keep you all posted through here or Twitter.

If you’d like to see any of the routes I’ve ridden then feel free to have a look at my Strava account. 


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