30 days of biking – Day 4

Today I fitted a new rear tyre.. Enter the Vee tire Crown Gem in a special prototype casing (extremely strong sidewalls). I’ve been running a pair of Vee tires Flow rumba tyres which offer astounding amounts of grip but obviously with all of that grip comes with some drag. Now with this Crown Gem tyre […]

30 days of biking – day 3

Today I had a day off, after some family time and helping Lexie my 5 year old ride her bike we had dinner and I set off for a nice evening MTB spin, bit of my usual trails and a bit of new exploration, finding little used trails that I could link up at a […]

30 days of biking, take two – day 2

Yesterday was my second day of riding, took a nice mostly off road route to work, on my way I then remembered the slight downside to running 800mm wide bars, as much as I love the control and feel of using a wide bar this may become an issue. I didn’t get stuck anywhere, and […]

30 days of biking – take two

As some of you may of noticed I missed the last few days of my 30 days of biking in April, my own laziness getting the better of me. So after an easy but steady May I’m going to have another attempt through June, spurred on after seeing Stus amazing efforts doing 31 days of riding through […]

Stand up for Strava

Originally posted on TimFromWales:
Where the wild things are I thought it was time someone made a stand for Strava. We see increasing amounts of bad press about speeding cyclists in public places or even the daft need for speed cameras on bike trails. And a blame of sorts is often landed on Strava. I…

30 days of biking – Day 27

Right back in order now, today’s riding was commuting again. I extended my morning route to be just under 10miles. A cold but pleasant morning and given that I was riding before 5am surprisingly light.  This was followed up by the short run home making my total for the day just over 12miles. 😊 Only […]

MTBmeetup – 30 days of biking days 22,23 and 24

As some of you who read my blog may be aware the last two years I’ve ventured to Wales for what is now a proper event MTBmeetup. For me this entailed getting up ridiculously early to travel from Somerset to Llandegla in North Wales.  A dark and chilly start but I was excited to get going […]