Dealing with emotions

I’m not really sure who or what this post will end up as, in my head it’s just words on a page hidden within my phone.

In recent weeks I’ve been struggling, not with anything in particular or with any thing I can put my finger on to resolve. I’ve been to the doctors who have said it is a mild form of depression and that it is probably a culmination of several minor things that mean nothing individually but added together they’ve got on top of me. So now, not sleeping very well, feeling lethargic and no mojo for just about anything.

My biggest fear that my poor mood and feelings effect my life with my wife and children (and the dog). Luckily I have an incredibly understanding and caring wife who is trying to help even though I can’t seem to put into words exactly how I’m feeling or what I can do to make everything return to normal.

From the outside looking in i can’t see i have much to worry about, my own home, van, bikes, life on the whole is very good but can I lose the sight of the stupid things making me like this. Nope.

I’m hopeful this will be resolved soon as I know it’s putting extra burden on my wife and others around me which nobody needs.

For now thanks if you’ve read this far.


One thought on “Dealing with emotions

  1. Feeling the exact same way lately. I do have a history of depression but I thought I’d more or less recovered. We’re having unseasonably raining and dreary weather so that might be contributing. Totally get where you’re at right now though. Hopefully it will lift soon for both of us

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